How it all started…

Buffalo Event Essentials was born as a result of our own wedding planning experience. We offer high quality and unique event décor that is conducive to the bride and groom’s budget. Offering statement centerpieces, table accessories and unique flower walls, we think of the fine details that bring your special day to life!

As a wedding stylist, my strengths lie in conceptualizing the big picture and carrying out your vision through the details of décor. I also offer day of wedding coordination services, organizational tools and consulting. Having been an event coordinator and fundraising manager for 9 years at a prominent non-profit organization in Buffalo, I know the importance of being organized and staying within your budget.

My husband, Rio, and I realized throughout planning our wedding in September 2017 that it was difficult to find high quality items at a reasonable price point. Pulling off our own dream wedding (350-person, tented outdoors with 32 people in our wedding party) while staying within our budget was the goal. And it worked!

I believe that collaboration, creative brainstorming and décor will elevate a wedding to be “The Wedding.” 

We’re looking forward to working with you!